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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Gotta pull myself together...

Last night when I was holding tight to my duvet and forcing my eyes open on the GMAT math questions, I couldn't help thinking about this boy whose images have been popping up on my mind ever so frequently. What's wrong with me? Why the h**l that I still couldn't get over the desires of wanting to be with him while he already explicitly said that he was not interested? Why is it so tough to get over someone? Is it related to the human psyche about "wanting something you can't have"?

At work, I make sensible decisions, move towards set goals and perform well in spite of various difficulties. But with personal things, it's sad to admit that I fell for guys who didn't care a d**n thing about me. But this time around I really think it is ENOUGH. By god, I really have to change the habit, NOW!


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